Tracking Solutions For Your Business
Asset Tracking
Live GPS tracking for equipment and assets
Teen Tracking
Teen driver tracking for your peace of mind
Battery Operated Systems
Gps tracking systems with no monthly service fees
Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking technology provides live GPS capability that enables up to minute-by-minute information regarding your fleet’s vehicles. The easy-to-use web interface allows the most convenient way to continuously track, get stop times, set geofences, set speed limit alerts, and always know where your trucks and drivers are located instantly.

  • Service
  • Emergency
  • Long haul
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Beverage
  • Chemical and oil
  • Sales & delivery
  • Buses
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Asset Tracking

Our asset track units are perfect for any piece of equipment The unit can be used not only to track location for business but also to retrieve a theft. Alerts can be received via e-mail or text messaging. Asset tracking will provide automatic geofence boundaries.

  • Construction equipment
  • Generator
  • Trailer
  • 4-wheeler
  • Offroad vehicle
  • Golf cart
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Battery Tracking

Battery Tracking will allow you to to manage equipment in the field without the use of power harnesses, antennas or external power. The Tracking units use motion sensing and GPS Positioning to gather and transmit asset status information.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Transportation and Freight
  • Trailer and outdoor-sign companies
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Teen Tracking

Our teen track units will provide you with quick and easy solutions to monitor your young driver. The unit can be covertly installed and will provide you with 24 hour peace of mind.

  • Newly licensed drivers
  • Elderly drivers
  • High risk drivers
  • Teen drivers
  • Outside sales drivers
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