How Legal Is It To Track Someone With GPS?

June 14, 2018 Published by
Malcolm Rosenfeld Blog 4 May 2018 - How Legal Is It To Track Someone With GPS_

Over the past few weeks, we’ve focused on GPS tracking and the workplace. We’ve talked about it from the perspective of employees, including when those employees are police officers, but we haven’t taken a closer look at the legal issues of GPS tracking. How legal is it to track someone with GPS? Unfortunately, there aren’t many laws that specifically mention GPS tracking. That means it’s often not clear whether an employer or individual can track someone with GPS. We’ll look into some areas where right now it’s legal to track your employees as well as where there might be some... View Article

How GPS Tracking Helped Police Capture Perfume Thieves in California

June 7, 2018 Published by
Malcolm Rosenfeld Blog 3 - GPS Tracking Helped Police

In early May 2018, CBS Los Angeles reported that police officers in Burbank, CA were able to apprehend a woman and a man who they suspected had almost $20,000 worth of perfume because some of the merchandise had GPS tracking devices attached to them. We’ve been talking a lot lately about GPS tracking at work and how employees feel about being tracked or having their work vehicles tracked. In our last post, we looked at how police officers in Massachusetts view having their squad cars tracked via GPS. But what happens when the tables are turned and it’s GPS Asset... View Article

Why Massachusetts State Police Union Is Filing A Complaint about GPS Tracking

May 31, 2018 Published by
Malcolm Rosenfeld - Blog 2 - Why Mass State Police Union

This month Massachusetts has added more GPS tracking to state police vehicles, partly due to an overtime scandal that came to light in April 2018, but the Mass. State Police Union filed a complaint in May 2018. Their objection they say isn’t that they are against GPS tracking, but that the state government didn’t negotiate how GPS would be used before installing and activating GPS tracking. In the first post in our series on GPS tracking at work, we told you about how workers who’ve already been tracked using GPS by an employer are less suspicious of it than those... View Article

What Your Employees Really Think About GPS Tracking at Work

May 24, 2018 Published by
Malcolm Rosenfeld Blog 1 - What Employees Think About GPS

As a business owner, you want to protect your business, including its assets. That can include things like products, vehicles, equipment, but also that your employees are where they’re supposed to be during working hours, how far they’re traveling and if they deviate from a prescribed route if transport and delivery or other types of travel are part of their job. The easy solution is to use GPS tracking of some kind either on your company vehicles, on assets, or your employees with a tracking app on their mobile phone. But what do your employees really think about GPS tracking... View Article

How Investing in Fleet Tracking Saves You Money

May 17, 2018 Published by
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After reading the title you might be wondering if spending money on tracking your fleet of trucks, vans or other vehicles could really save your company money? The simple answer is of course. Yes. Yes, it does. And there you have it. Article finished. Thank you for your time; enjoy the rest of your day. All kidding aside, now that you have the simple answer, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and go over 3 ways an investment in a good GPS fleet tracking system now will save you money. As is the case with many long-term expenses, this isn’t something... View Article