GPS Asset Tracking Could Have Prevented “Overlooked” Supplies in Puerto Rico: Info from a GPS Tracking Service

February 16, 2018 Published by

GPS asset tracking has become a go-to solution across a variety of industries to track the shipment of assets and prevent their theft or misplacement. While GPS is not the only type of tracking technology that can be used for the purposes of asset protection, it is certainly one of the most popular and effective, thanks in large part to its versatility. RFID is another popular option for asset tracking, but it has more limitations and requires the use of specialized scanners. GPS relies on the global satellite system, so it can be used anywhere on the planet without needing... View Article

GPS Tracking Your Kid: Info About Personal GPS Tracking Devices

February 9, 2018 Published by

The rise of GPS tracking devices has created a common question among parents: should I track my child with GPS devices? There are some obvious benefits to doing so. Parents simply cannot always keep their children within eyesight. GPS technology allows them to follow their children’s location wherever they go. They can make sure little children don’t get lost while out in public in crowded spaces. They can track teenagers’ cars, both in terms of location and speed. Of course, there is also the question of how much is too much when it comes to a parent’s ability to monitor... View Article

Hundreds of Thousands of Passwords for GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices Leaked to Internet: Info from Our GPS Tracking Service

February 2, 2018 Published by

The login credentials and other potentially sensitive personal information from more than 500,000 vehicle tracking devices were leaked online, likely as a result of insufficient protection of the data. The records belonged to SVR Tracking, and their exposure was discovered by security researchers from Kromtech. According to these researchers, the leak happened because of a mistake in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. As a result, a total of 540,642 account IDs and passwords were leaked. Kromtech said in its report that the total number of devices affected could actually be quite larger, as many clients or resellers were... View Article

How GPS Has Revolutionized Technology and Changed Society: A Quick Overview from Our Fleet GPS Tracking Service

January 26, 2018 Published by

Global positioning systems (GPS) are used in so many aspects of our lives today that we hardly notice it any more. As a result, today’s technologies have become more interactive than ever across a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few examples of how GPS has influenced new technologies, as well as changed us as humans. Data recovery Real-time data recovery has been made significantly easier thanks to GPS. Now, GPS sensors can be put on objects to track them throughout their journeys, which is especially useful in the shipping industry or for scientific exploration. In some cases,... View Article

How Can Personal GPS Tracking Devices Guard Against the Hazards of Dementia?

January 26, 2018 Published by

Dealing with dementia and memory loss is a difficult day-to-day task, both for the patients and their family members and caregivers. The fear and anxiety that naturally goes along with this disease is taken to a new level, though, if someone with dementia wanders off and is unable to find their way home. A plan should always be in place for family members suffering from this condition, and personal GPS tracking devices should be incorporated as a critical part of this plan to help make sure that these individuals will always have a way back home. Below are just a... View Article