BrockBrand Industrial Solutions

Sincerely, Vince


I have a success story for you. On Christmas Eve, we had a crew working. They stopped for lunch and within 3 minutes of them entering the restaurant, our truck was stolen and moving down the road. When the crew came out of the restaurant and discovered the truck was gone, they called the police, then called me. Using your website and the GPS device in the stolen truck, I was able to guide the police to the truck’s location and recover the truck immediately. The truck had been pulling a trailer with a forklift and some expensive equipment on it. When the cops arrived at the truck, our trailer was gone. Using the history, I was able to see where the truck had stopped between the restaurant and the location where the police found it.

This happened to be the thieves home. They had dropped off our trailer and forklift at their house before dumping truck. Stopping the truck notated an address in the history log and I was able to send the cops right to the thieves front door. We recovered all of our equipment within 2 hours of our truck being stolen. The small bill we pay per month for the GPS service saved us over $75,000.

Thanks Malcolm for your service.