Cocoa Beach Plumbing

Sheryl Green

Today we had one of our plumbing trucks stolen while our plumber was on the job site working. He came out of the building to retrieve a tool from the truck when he discovered the truck was gone. He called our office right away to inform us of what had happened and we proceeded to call the police department. Because we installed GPS from Vehicle Track in all our work vehicles we were able to track the crook down and within 40 minutes, the police had him pulled over. We were able to get our work truck back in a timely manner with everything intact.

Not only are we able to keep up with our employees and know where they are at all times, we have also been spared the expense of possibly having to buy a new work vehicle (along with all the tools and equipment that were inside of it).

Thank you Vehicle Track for allowing me to save money and stop the crooks in their path.