Heritage-Crystal Clean/Maxsafe Antifreeze

We successfully use your truck GPS system to get a tax credit each year for the idle time running of our fleet of trucks. We use pumps to load and offload fuel and our trucks are required to run their engines while those pump motors are running. This burns a lot of fuel while idling and the government refunds the gas road related taxes. This has saved a substantial amount of money over the years. The reimbursement immediately paid for the tracking unit purchase and covers the monthly fees. The system allows us to track our vehicles, measure their annual miles and manage their routes. We can provide our customers with service reports and monitor the stop lengths for every service call. We would not be able to manage our business efficiently any other way.

The tax credit received in 2012 was $1,090 calculated at a rate of .243 $/mile for off highway business use of undyed diesel fuel. This credit is claimed on form 4136 (Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels).

Gary L. Gunderson