Las Vegas Valley Water District

Jeff Weien

We have found that the GPS Technologies Sat Track system has improved the safety of our field personnel by an order of magnitude. Before we used Sat Track, we had our personnel call in a couple of times a day using Iridium Satellite Phones. This was time consuming and we only really knew our people’s location a couple of times a day. If there was a problem, we would have had major difficulty finding the vehicle in an uninhabited desert and mountainous area of operations covering hundreds of square miles.

With Sat Track, we can now locate our personnel at all times and provide them rescue or vehicle support very quickly, and with pin point accuracy. In addition, Sat Track has greatly reduced the concern that our safety personnel have at the end of each day when teams are supposed to check in for the evening. Previously if we did not receive a call, we had no idea if the field team simply forgot or if they were late getting back to lodging for the evening or if they were in trouble. Now if we don’t receive a call, we can look up their current location on your website – usually we find they are simply running a little late and are on the road back to their overnight lodging.