Increase Child Safety with GPS Tracking Devices for School Buses

School buses perform an incredibly important role in transportation and in child safety. Buses offer a safe mode of transportation to and from school for many students, including those who do not have an alternative mode of transportation. In order to serve their purpose, school buses must be reliable. School buses must also maintain a degree of safety and consistency in order to keep the minds of parents and students at ease.

One way to increase the safety of school buses and the students who ride them is to implement GPS tracking devices that can provide essential information. Installing such systems can give schools a comprehensive ability to monitor the location and the operation of their buses. In addition, this type of tracking can give parents valuable information about the location of their children along their bus routes.

How GPS tracking devices can help parents

There are several different types of GPS tracking technologies that can be used to effectively track buses and students. Student cards, for example, can be used to monitor the arrival and departure of students as they get on and off the bus on a daily basis. A parent can easily see that their child has safely made it onto their bus, which can provide valuable peace of mind. In addition, GPS tracking can be useful in making parents aware of route changes and bus locations during periods of inclement weather and other circumstances that could result in a modified route or bus schedule.

How GPS tracking devices can help schools

Parents aren’t the only ones who can benefit from GPS tracking systems in school buses. Schools who have access to electronic monitoring data can see not only the locations and routes of their buses, but also information such as maintenance needs, driving behaviors and operational waste. Tracking systems can monitor maintenance needs of buses and notify the owner of the vehicle when it’s time for routine service. This improved maintenance monitoring keeps buses running smoothly and prevents unexpected issues from arising.

School bus fleet managers can also benefit from the mileage and route information that GPS tracking devices provide. Knowing whether drivers are sticking to their scheduled routes and whether they are observing speed limits and other regulations can provide valuable insight into possible areas of improvement for drivers. This increased focus on efficiency can make a big difference when it comes to fuel costs and bus reliability. Accurate tracking of bus routes also makes it easier for schools to plan their class schedules. Knowing exactly when arrivals and departures of buses will occur means that faculty time can be managed effectively.

Choosing the right GPS technology

When you’re ready to invest in safety and efficiency for your school buses, GPS Technologies can help get you started. Our extensive knowledge of available tracking devices and all of the benefits that they offer to schools makes us the perfect team to call when you decide to

implement electronic tracking. Contact us today and start enjoying all of the benefits of GPS tracking technology for your school buses.

GPS Tracking Devices for City Vehicles

City vehicles such as police cars, patrol vehicles and even street sweepers all have essential tasks related to the operation, sanitation and safety of a city. Because the safe operation and the efficiency of these vehicles is so essential, incorporating GPS tracking devices into these vehicles can be an excellent step towards increased safety and availability of important information related to the whereabouts and the performance of city vehicles. Not only does GPS tracking make it easy to get information about your vehicles, it can also help increase safety and reduce costs:

From cutting down costs to increasing the safety of drivers in the community, it’s no wonder that so many cities and municipalities have begun to implement electronic tracking technology for their vehicles. At GPS Technologies, we understand the long list of advantages that increased tracking offers to a variety of businesses and jurisdictions, which is why we provide

comprehensive services to our clients. Contact us and find out more about all that we have to offer.

Service Industry Business Owners Can Be in the Passenger Seat with Vehicle GPS Tracking

There are several factors that go into running a successful service business, not the least of which is an outstanding degree of customer service and satisfaction. Because the service industry is so heavily driven by the happiness of the customer, it is essential that business owners do everything that they can to ensure a streamlined delivery of their services.

Through vehicle GPS tracking and electronic monitoring, business owners are afforded the unique opportunity to see precise data related to the operation of their fleet. This opportunity to be “in the passenger seat,” so to speak, can increase understanding of the business and give valuable insight into how you can improve customer experiences and reduce costs.

The benefits of electronic fleet tracking

Keeping customers happy with your service starts with providing accurate and reliable scheduling information. Since GPS tracking can provide you with precise drive times and more control over the delivery schedule of your fleet, you can give your customers a much more accurate idea of when they can expect you. Another benefit of vehicle GPS tracking for your fleet is the increased ability to dispatch drivers based on their proximity to the destination. Having electronic tracking means that you will be able to see exactly where your drivers are and send them where you need them to be quickly and efficiently. This streamlined location tracking means that you can cut down on drive time and prevent excessive fuel waste.

Driver accountability is another reason why business owners choose to implement electronic tracking systems in their vehicles. Not only does vehicle GPS tracking provide you with a clear understanding of how your employees are using their time and how efficiently your fleet is running, it also provides drivers with an incentive to manage their time and complete their tasks effectively. Knowing that they are accountable for any time that is wasted while they are on the road, drivers will generally be encouraged to focus on their time management and ensure that they are where they are supposed to be.

All of this increased accessibility when it comes to information about your vehicles can help inform your decisions as a business owner and even save you time, money and other resources. You can easily see drive times and routes, which makes it easy to identify where there may be waste in time or other resources. Seeing all of your assets laid out clearly means that you can efficiently assign duties and allocate resources in the most intuitive way possible.

Get started with vehicle GPS tracking

At GPS Technologies, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you outfit your vehicle or your entire fleet with the best GPS tracking systems available. Keep track of your drivers and gain valuable insight into the operation of your business with the help of our user-friendly systems and advanced technology. If you want to learn more about how businesses in the service industry can benefit from electronic tracking, contact our team today. We would be happy to help get you started with GPS tracking technology for your business.

How Converting to Electronic Fleet GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Company

If you are a part of the trucking industry, you are probably familiar with the new rules in place regarding electronic logging devices and the new mandate going into effect at the end of 2017. All drivers who are required to keep a record or log of their duties or activities while they are operating a truck are required to switch over to an electronic logging system by December. This electronic system tracks a variety of things, such as when the truck is in motion, when the driver is on duty and hours of operation.

While there are several different types of systems available to meet this e-log requirement for trucking fleets, the system must meet certain requirements and specifications to satisfy the mandate. Although any major change can come with certain kinks, this mandate offers a great opportunity for trucking companies and can be a beneficial transition: