Peterson Industrial, Inc.

Michael Woodall, Project Manager

We had some guys working 3 hours out of town at a plant for us. The plant called late in the day and asked where our men were. I called the supervisor and asked where they were and he said they were out back loading up to head home. I told him the plant had called asking about some weekend work and for him to go back in to see what it was – he said no problem. In the meantime, I went to look up one of our other trucks to see how close to home they were but accidentally clicked on the other guys truck. Come to find out that when I called him they were 2 hours from the plant they had been working at and had to turn around to drive all the way back in order to talk to the plant manager. As I dug a little deeper, I found not only did he lie about where he was, but they had also taken the job clock with them and had continued to drive on the clock instead of clocking out first then driving home, because they get paid driving time but not while they are on the clock. When I confronted him about why he didn’t just say he was halfway home the supervisor said “I forgot.” We saved enough money that day to pay for all 4 of our GPS systems for the year. And this is only one of the stories I will share. There are a couple more workers that told on other employees that paid for next years service too!