Royal Gardens Landscaping

Robert Ippach, Owner

I am grateful for finding your GPS system. Our problem was not knowing where our crews were in the field……We paid our crews to use our equipment and they start their own business on the side. They also sat in the park 3 hours every week to add hours to their check…..Your system lets me know when they start and finish at each site, how long they drove, how many miles they drove….and the total time they were at each site…… The benefits of your system help us make sound business decisions on what is really happening in the field. Within the first two weeks we reduced our labor costs from 55 hours to 39 per week. We also reduced idling time in our trucks and improved routes with the least amount of driving. When gas is $1.85 a gallon that adds up fast.

Customers often call to say we did not service their house. With the GPS we can actually prove we where there and for how long. We have not given a single credit to a customer since we started with the GPS. Thank you for helping my company grow and adding thousands to my bottom line.