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We successfully use your truck GPS system to get a tax credit each year for the idle time running of our fleet of trucks. We use pumps to load and offload fuel and our trucks are required to run their engines while those pump motors are running. This burns a lot of fuel while idling and the government refunds the gas road related taxes. This has saved a substantial amount of money over the years. The reimbursement immediately paid for the tracking unit purchase and covers the monthly fees. The system allows us to track our vehicles, measure their annual miles and manage their routes. We can provide our customers with service reports and monitor the stop lengths for every service call. We would not be able to manage our business efficiently any other way.

The tax credit received in 2012 was $1,090 calculated at a rate of .243 $/mile for off highway business use of undyed diesel fuel. This credit is claimed on form 4136 (Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels).

Gary L. Gunderson

3T Enterprises LP/Taylor Trucking

Hi Malcolm, We had a Generator stolen on Feb 20th after 4:00 in the evening from our job site location. We noticed it was gone on Monday. I tracked the unit to a small town in Dallas TX 2 hours away had it pinpointed to the exact house even had the house color & address. Police could not see unit as it was hidden in the garage. But they did run a license check on a pickup sitting in the driveway. It was stolen so this gave them probably cause to search. They discovered our stolen Generator along with 2 stolen cars, and many other things stuffed in the house. Thanks to the Asset Track we saved $30,000.00.

Melissa Taylor
Misty Nunnally

I bought the teen tracker from you back in August and it is the best thing in the world. It gives us the peace of mind knowing we can locate our son at any time. We get an alert every morning when he gets to school and he doesn’t have to worry about remembering to send a message. Last Thursday we had icy roads but the temp didn’t drop below freezing until after he had left for school. He did hit ice and slide off the road but fortunately he was ok and able to call us but the stop alert sent us a message and we did know exactly where he was if he couldn’t have called. I know he was not going fast when he hit the ice because I checked his speed on the map when I got home. Any teenager needs to have one just for the peace of mind of the parent to be able to locate their child if they are not home on time and my son likes the peace of mind of knowing if he does have an accident and can’t get to his phone that we will be alerted by the stop alert and be able to locate him within 10 minutes. The device done exactly what we wanted it to do in case of an accident and it does exactly what we need it to do each day.

Thanks for the peace of mind!

Misty Nunnally, Lula, GA
Julie B. Fotheringham

Here is the ringing endorsement of your outstanding product. I have had so much fun with it, (the peace of mind for my daughter helped a lot too!! 🙂 I have been able to follow her movements beautifully, and I am so thankful to find that she is a mindful and good girl.. Whew! I finally told her about it after a couple of months, even though it took my fun away by telling her I knew where she had gone! She was amazed at my ability to track her so well… I imagine that she is quite relieved to know that I am not the super seer. I have a younger daughter almost ten, I will use this with her just as enthusiastically!

Thanks GPS Tech!!

Julie B. Fotheringham
Wilson Wholesale, Inc.

The first system I invested in was installed in all our boom trucks. Turn around times improved immediately, overtime dropped, customer satisfaction went up, deliveries were provable allowing for accurate billing, gas costs dropped, and routing improved. That system paid for itself in 3 months in payroll savings alone.

invested in Fleet Track recently and the ability to see my vehicles live at all times will increase efficiency even further. I expect my return on this investment to be a few weeks. My dispatchers can see all vehicles at the same time from 2 different locations and can manage the whole fleet with the click of a button at their computer. I have been able to expand the fleet size, partly due to the savings the tracking system has given us. I am surprised that all the roofing companies we supply, do not use a tracking system to manage their business. The return on investment is so quick that it scares me to think how much money was being needlessly spent on gas and salaries and overtime before I installed the first system.


B. Wilson, President
Royal Gardens Landscaping

I am grateful for finding your GPS system. Our problem was not knowing where our crews were in the field……We paid our crews to use our equipment and they start their own business on the side. They also sat in the park 3 hours every week to add hours to their check…..Your system lets me know when they start and finish at each site, how long they drove, how many miles they drove….and the total time they were at each site…… The benefits of your system help us make sound business decisions on what is really happening in the field. Within the first two weeks we reduced our labor costs from 55 hours to 39 per week. We also reduced idling time in our trucks and improved routes with the least amount of driving. When gas is $1.85 a gallon that adds up fast.

Customers often call to say we did not service their house. With the GPS we can actually prove we where there and for how long. We have not given a single credit to a customer since we started with the GPS. Thank you for helping my company grow and adding thousands to my bottom line.

Robert Ippach, Owner
Dustcatchers, Inc.

I am writing a letter of reference as I feel completely confident that our passive system is fully operational and is paying off. The payoff has come when I terminated one of our route representatives for sleeping on the job. The individual in question cost us quite a bit of additional and unnecessary expense until I was able to pinpoint the problem through the technology provided by our GPS system.

We now have the ability to protect our reputation as one of the best service companies in Chicago. We can also help our personnel get better at what they do and to keep ourselves honest.


Stephen G.Avgerinos, General Manager
Vanguard Archives, Inc

Your GPS Tracking System has been an effective tool that has increased the performance of the drivers in our company at least 20% since the system was installed. This system has been an important device for monitoring driver’s delivery routes, their speeds as well as being able to monitor stop times. Our turn around times have increased dramatically, allowing me to use drivers to help out in warehouse if they return early. They never returned early before the system was installed. This has saved money on hourly labor I previously needed to hire for this work.

The investment has paid for itself in a very short time and allowed us to add vehicles to the fleet.


Kernell Survillion, General Manager
Season Comfort, Corp.

I would like to say thanks for bringing your system to our attention. It has brought many company problems to focus.

We had a difficult time keeping track of our service technicians, not only going to their first job in the morning and leaving their last job at night, but where our trucks are going all day long, how fast their going and especially when we can’t seem to connect with them on their 2-way radios or cell phone we can “see” exactly where they’re at.

Over the past 22 years that we’ve been in business we’ve had to operate on a trust basis and quickly found out that this “system” didn’t work. Our technicians were doing “side jobs” and using trucks for their own personal use after house and on week ends. This also presented a problem with our Insurance Company. Once w technicians arrives back home he is to use his own personal vehicle, and out Company van is to stay at that location until he either goes out on an emergency service call or leaves the next day for his first call of the day. As you might have guessed, quite a few of our men were using the vans for a multitude of reasons (excuses) and one of them had an accident that didn’t make sense. If we had the GPS System on all our vans at that time, we could have found out how fast he was going, and his exact position on the road, which would have helped us determine if he was telling the truth, as there didn’t seem to be any witnesses.

Since having your GPS System installed, we have cut down on the excuses and stories about what they’re doing, where they’re at, and their speed at any time, day or night, and that has stopped 95% of the misuse of our vehicles. Our technicians are actually calling in and asking if they can use the can for personal use, and what they’re using it for. We’re so glad that they’re being honest, that it’s easier to say “yes” which makes for better employer/employee relations.

So, thanks again for your product and your assistance in setting us up, it was well worth the time and the cost.

Vito Palella
Top Side Roofing

We have been using a passive tracking system for a few years and knew that this worked well to let us know where our field reps were during the day. I felt we would be far better served with a system that is more hands on. Fleet Track keeps me in better touch with my field personnel. I am able to keep far more accurate records of their hours, and am now using the reports as time cards.

Fleet Track really opened my eyes to the lack of productivity that I found in my men, after trusting them for so long. I was advised to install mobile units in the sales staff vehicles first, but I felt that the rest of the trucks were more important. I regret that decision. I installed units in the sales staff vehicles recently and was shocked at the amount of time they wasted daily. After the units had been in for couple of weeks, they were informed in a meeting of my disappointment in them, and productivity has increased dramatically. This gives me very clear picture of who my producers are, and where I can trim if I have to. There is no room for waste in a company with a fleet of this size.

William Ziesk, President
Custom Sprinkler

My Vehicle Track GPS system paid for itself in the 1st month, My employees were not keeping accurate timecards, I do not know if it was intentional or if they were filling out their timecards by memory several days after. Anyway, they over reported their hours enough that when you took the foreman’s GPS times and multiplied it by the number of crew members he had with him, it saved me hundreds of dollars the 1st month.

Thanks to Vehicle Track, they now keep an accurate timecard, I also can see how many wasted trips to suppliers, if they made it to a service call that was scheduled, and if they are doing any side jobs.

Thank you Vehicle Track.

Larry Marshall
Peterson Industrial, Inc.

We had some guys working 3 hours out of town at a plant for us. The plant called late in the day and asked where our men were. I called the supervisor and asked where they were and he said they were out back loading up to head home. I told him the plant had called asking about some weekend work and for him to go back in to see what it was – he said no problem. In the meantime, I went to look up one of our other trucks to see how close to home they were but accidentally clicked on the other guys truck. Come to find out that when I called him they were 2 hours from the plant they had been working at and had to turn around to drive all the way back in order to talk to the plant manager. As I dug a little deeper, I found not only did he lie about where he was, but they had also taken the job clock with them and had continued to drive on the clock instead of clocking out first then driving home, because they get paid driving time but not while they are on the clock. When I confronted him about why he didn’t just say he was halfway home the supervisor said “I forgot.” We saved enough money that day to pay for all 4 of our GPS systems for the year. And this is only one of the stories I will share. There are a couple more workers that told on other employees that paid for next years service too!

Michael Woodall, Project Manager
Cocoa Beach Plumbing

Today we had one of our plumbing trucks stolen while our plumber was on the job site working. He came out of the building to retrieve a tool from the truck when he discovered the truck was gone. He called our office right away to inform us of what had happened and we proceeded to call the police department. Because we installed GPS from Vehicle Track in all our work vehicles we were able to track the crook down and within 40 minutes, the police had him pulled over. We were able to get our work truck back in a timely manner with everything intact.

Not only are we able to keep up with our employees and know where they are at all times, we have also been spared the expense of possibly having to buy a new work vehicle (along with all the tools and equipment that were inside of it).

Thank you Vehicle Track for allowing me to save money and stop the crooks in their path.

Sheryl Green
U.S. Concrete Const. LLC

I am a Contractor and installed GPS in my truck. In the last few months I have had to go out of state a few times.

Shortly after I installed Vehicle Track I had to fly to Michigan. I got my laptop out and tracked my truck, which was 15 miles from the job site. I two-way radioed my foreman and asked him what he was doing. He stated that he was on his way to lunch.

I then asked him what he was doing driving 15 miles from the jobsite and I told him I knew where he was at. You could almost hear crickets chirping from his silence. He then told me that he and a couple of other employees were on the way to my bank to cash their checks (at my expense, wages and gas 12.5 mpg).

That does not happen anymore with them knowing that I am keeping track of their driving time. I know when the truck leaves in the morning, when it leaves the jobsite, and when it returns for the day. Plus, I get a weekly report of miles driven for the week.

As a contractor, this system is one of the most important tools you can have.

Michael Lasley
Las Vegas Valley Water District

We have found that the GPS Technologies Sat Track system has improved the safety of our field personnel by an order of magnitude. Before we used Sat Track, we had our personnel call in a couple of times a day using Iridium Satellite Phones. This was time consuming and we only really knew our people’s location a couple of times a day. If there was a problem, we would have had major difficulty finding the vehicle in an uninhabited desert and mountainous area of operations covering hundreds of square miles.

With Sat Track, we can now locate our personnel at all times and provide them rescue or vehicle support very quickly, and with pin point accuracy. In addition, Sat Track has greatly reduced the concern that our safety personnel have at the end of each day when teams are supposed to check in for the evening. Previously if we did not receive a call, we had no idea if the field team simply forgot or if they were late getting back to lodging for the evening or if they were in trouble. Now if we don’t receive a call, we can look up their current location on your website – usually we find they are simply running a little late and are on the road back to their overnight lodging.

Jeff Weien
BrockBrand Industrial Solutions


I have a success story for you. On Christmas Eve, we had a crew working. They stopped for lunch and within 3 minutes of them entering the restaurant, our truck was stolen and moving down the road. When the crew came out of the restaurant and discovered the truck was gone, they called the police, then called me. Using your website and the GPS device in the stolen truck, I was able to guide the police to the truck’s location and recover the truck immediately. The truck had been pulling a trailer with a forklift and some expensive equipment on it. When the cops arrived at the truck, our trailer was gone. Using the history, I was able to see where the truck had stopped between the restaurant and the location where the police found it.

This happened to be the thieves home. They had dropped off our trailer and forklift at their house before dumping truck. Stopping the truck notated an address in the history log and I was able to send the cops right to the thieves front door. We recovered all of our equipment within 2 hours of our truck being stolen. The small bill we pay per month for the GPS service saved us over $75,000.

Thanks Malcolm for your service.

Sincerely, Vince