Top Side Roofing

William Ziesk, President

We have been using a passive tracking system for a few years and knew that this worked well to let us know where our field reps were during the day. I felt we would be far better served with a system that is more hands on. Fleet Track keeps me in better touch with my field personnel. I am able to keep far more accurate records of their hours, and am now using the reports as time cards.

Fleet Track really opened my eyes to the lack of productivity that I found in my men, after trusting them for so long. I was advised to install mobile units in the sales staff vehicles first, but I felt that the rest of the trucks were more important. I regret that decision. I installed units in the sales staff vehicles recently and was shocked at the amount of time they wasted daily. After the units had been in for couple of weeks, they were informed in a meeting of my disappointment in them, and productivity has increased dramatically. This gives me very clear picture of who my producers are, and where I can trim if I have to. There is no room for waste in a company with a fleet of this size.