Wilson Wholesale, Inc.

B. Wilson, President

The first system I invested in was installed in all our boom trucks. Turn around times improved immediately, overtime dropped, customer satisfaction went up, deliveries were provable allowing for accurate billing, gas costs dropped, and routing improved. That system paid for itself in 3 months in payroll savings alone.

invested in Fleet Track recently and the ability to see my vehicles live at all times will increase efficiency even further. I expect my return on this investment to be a few weeks. My dispatchers can see all vehicles at the same time from 2 different locations and can manage the whole fleet with the click of a button at their computer. I have been able to expand the fleet size, partly due to the savings the tracking system has given us. I am surprised that all the roofing companies we supply, do not use a tracking system to manage their business. The return on investment is so quick that it scares me to think how much money was being needlessly spent on gas and salaries and overtime before I installed the first system.